Sonakshi Sinha IT Case | Foreign tax credit dispute ruling in Sonakshi Sinha’s favour, comes as a big relief


A big news is coming out about actress Sonakshi Sinha. The Mumbai branch of the Income Tax Tribunal has given relief to the actress in the IT case. The tribunal ruled in favor of the actress and allowed her to claim a foreign tax credit of Rs 29 lakh.

The matter came to light when an income tax officer refused to accept Sonakshi Sinha’s tax credit claim form. Meanwhile, Sonakshi Sinha will get Rs 29 lakh after the tribunal’s decision.

According to a report by ETimes, Sonakshi’s tax returns for the year 2017-18 were selected to check the eligibility of her claim. Meanwhile, the income tax official had claimed that the actress had filed her return on September 22, 2018, but had filed Form 67 for tax credit claim on January 20, 2020. In such a situation the actress filed the form after the due date of tax, which is against the rules. Because of that delay, she could not get a tax credit claim. After this the matter reached ITAT.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes has revised the tax credit rules last month. As a rule, any taxpayer can file credit claim form on or before the end of the financial year. This rule will apply to claims of foreign tax credit from 2022-23 onwards. After four years, Sonakshi will get 29 lakh rupees.

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