Spent every penny in Muzaffarnagar’s son’s treatment, no money left for last rites


Muzaffarnagar. An unfortunate mother spent every penny to save her son and there was no money left for the last rites, so she sat at the gate of the cremation ground with the son’s dead body all night. When social worker Shalu Saini got information about this matter, she got the dead body cremated.

For Sharda, a widowed mother and her son, poverty has become not only their fate but also their curse. The unfortunate mother spent every penny to save her 22-year-old sick son and was left with no money even to buy a shroud. While waiting for the last rites, she kept crying outside the crematorium.

On information, Sakshi Welfare Trust President Shalu Saini reached the cremation ground and performed the last rites. Shalu has performed the last rites of seven such people in the last ten days.

Rahul, who came to Muzaffarnagar with his mother Sharda a year ago for employment from Azamgarh, started working on daily wages in a factory. A few months after the job, he got an infection in his lungs. Along with working as a labourer, he also got treated at the district hospital, but could not get rid of the infection. The doctors here asked him to be taken to the Meerut Medical College. The mother took Rahul to Meerut, where he died on Sunday after undergoing treatment for a month.

On the death of Rahul, a mountain of sorrow broke down on the mother who was living in Muflisi. Unfortunate mother Sharda did not even have money left for his last rites. On coming to know about this, the staff of the Medical College, showing humanity, sent the dead body in a medical ambulance to the New Mandi cremation ground in Muzaffarnagar, where the unfortunate mother is sitting with the dead body the whole night. As soon as the information was received, Shalu Saini of Sakshi Welfare Trust reached there and got the body cremated.

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