State-of-the-art technology will be made available to the Food and Drug Administration to prevent milk adulteration

The state government is serious about ensuring that the citizens of the state get pure cow-buffalo milk and strict action is taken against those who adulterate the milk. Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar assured the Legislative Assembly that necessary funds will be provided to the Food and Drug Administration to provide advanced technology, machinery and adequate manpower to prevent milk adulteration.

Deputy Chief Minister Pawar while replying to the question asked by the members of the Legislative Assembly regarding milk adulteration, informed about the action being taken in this regard. He said, considering the seriousness of the problem of milk adulteration, earlier the state government had passed a law to give death penalty to the culprits.

This Act has been sent for President’s assent. However, the Office of the President must be of the opinion that the death penalty in the case of milk adulteration is comparatively too severe, so the President has not yet signed it.

In the present situation, the milk of the milk producers has started fetching good prices. In such cases, it has been noticed that adulteration is being done by some persons in slum areas or other unknown places.

The state government is ready to take a very strict stand in this regard. Ajit Pawar also informed in the hall that necessary measures will be taken accordingly.

Latest technology will be available

It is the role of the state government that there should be no adulteration in milk and consumers should get pure and adulterated milk. The Government is serious about this and in this regard a meeting of the Food and Drug Administration Department will be held under the chairmanship of the Finance Minister in the presence of the concerned Minister.

Ajit Pawar also informed the Legislative Assembly that necessary funds will be made available to provide manpower, machinery and advanced technology required by the department to prevent milk adulteration.

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