Stay away from Cyber ​​Frauds… Complaint will be filed, FIR will be filed, still you will not get justice! – Cy

Cyber ​​Fraud Cases: The way cyber fraud is increasing, it would be better if its solution is found at the same speed. A shocking report has come out regarding this matter, let’s know about it.

Cyber ​​Fraud Cases: The cases of cyber fraud have increased so much that it sometimes proves to be impossible to stop them. We are not saying this but there is a report. From AIIMS cyber attack to ICMR data leak and loan giving apps, cases of fraud have come to light everywhere. The National Cyber ​​Crime Portal (NCRP) has received about 31 lakh complaints of cyber crime from 2020 to February 2024. But the number of their arrests is very less.

Slow speed of solution in cyber fraud cases: According to government data, out of all the cyber scam cases registered, not even 1 percent arrests have been made. This shows that the total cases or FIRs of cyber scams are more than 66,000, but till this year only 500 people have been arrested which is less than 1 percent.

This matter has been raised in separate meetings of the Home Ministry and the Finance Ministry. Many officials have expressed concern about loan giving apps which are looting people badly and making them financially helpless. Regarding this matter, an officer says that arresting the people behind these cyber scams becomes a big challenge. People who have low salary or income are mostly trapped and the money stolen from them is transferred in large quantities to other countries.

Recently, the central government had asked many tech companies to stop such threats. The government has urged companies like Google, Meta to give high-priority to such matters. Some time ago, the Central Cyber ​​Agency had conducted an analysis in which many mobile applications were running advertisements through Meta platform. Such illegal apps already exist in India which rob people of money and force them to commit suicide. In such a situation, misuse of app permissions can further increase the problems of the users. It steals all the user’s information.

According to sources, all the information regarding this matter has been given to the Home Ministry and the Ministry is working on a solution to increase the speed of investigation and arrest.


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