Stock market fell due to Fake AI photo, this was the picture that created panic in the market


Tech News Desk – While artificial intelligence is beneficial on one hand, it also has disadvantages on the other. In fact, the photo of the explosion near the Pentagon on the previous day became increasingly viral on social media, after which the stock market crashed. The S&P 500 fell nearly 30 points. However, later when people came to know the truth, the stock market boomed again. Indeed, the Pentagon is a prominent place in the United States. As soon as people heard the news of the explosion near it, tremendous movement was seen in the stock market.

First the photo of the blast surfaced on Facebook, after which people shared it a lot. Due to the spread of the photo, there was a stir among the people and its effect was seen on the stock market. As soon as the photo went viral, an official posted at the Pentagon informed Bloomberg that there was no explosion and everything was normal.

After this, this news spread through social media and news portals and then stability was again seen in the stock market. This is not the first time that fake AI images have created a stir. Earlier, AI pictures of former US President Donald Trump being arrested and donning a puffer jacket to Pope Francis also went viral and people reacted to it.

The photo of the fake explosion at the Pentagon was also shared with a Twitter account named Bloomberg Feed, which was later suspended. In this regard, Bloomberg News said that this account is not associated with the company, nor has the company posted any such fake photo. Let us inform that the governments of different countries are working on regulation on AI so that such an environment is not created.

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