Stopped By Traffic Police? 13 Things That You Must Know


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Strict rule of the government has put the commons of india into deep thinking. Most of you may have faced the bizarre cases of the traffic rules violations. The rules that have been imposed are really bitter. There are various viral news for people being charged heavily. A man somewhere in delhi was charged rupee 25000 for his old 15000 rupee bike. Whereas a truck driver was fined rupee 59000. This can make anyone think will sweat on this forehead.

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The government officials can daughter under section 130 if you drive your vehicle without a helmet, inappropriate parking, overloaded vehicle, unqualified fitness, a driving license, proper paper and insurance of the vehicle, and pollution control certificate. Here are 13 tips that can help you know your rights under such conditions. So let’s know them-

Stopped By Traffic Police? 13 Things That You Must Know

1. If you are caught under any violation rules then you will be asked to show or produce your documents and not to hand over the documents under section 130.

2. The traffic police need a book named as challan books to penalise you. No other identity or similar book can take away your vehicle. Be careful for such policemen.

3. You have the right to ask the officials his/her identity. If he/she refuses then you are eligible to take away your vehicle without showing the documents.

Stopped By Traffic Police? 13 Things That You Must Know


4. As per the rule you can show your documents in any electronic form such as Driving license, insurance, registration certificate etc.

5. If your challan is cut off then make sure to appear before the magistrate before the deadline of 24 hours for your trial.

6. If your harassed by any of the traffic police then you can case an official complaint against him.

7. The cut off challan that is given to you should include all the violation done by you. If there is any doubt you should clear it on the spot.

8. If your driving license is detained by the officer then he has to give you a valid receipt stating the detaintion of your licence.

Stopped By Traffic Police? 13 Things That You Must Know

9. If you are caught in drunk and drive case them your driving license will be detained.

10. The traffic police cannot force you to come out and tie you vehicle if your are sitting inside it.

11. Your vehicle will only be detained if you are found driving your vehicle without a driving license, and unregistered vehicle.

12. Accept your mistake if you have committed any of the traffic violation. Arguing with the traffic police will give you nothing.

13. Corruption is a serious crime. Avoid it for better future.


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