Such a mistake made by a pregnant woman in the 7th month, a ‘stone’ child came out of the stomach. Woman pregnant f


Stone Baby nine year Pregnancy: A surprising case has come to the fore from Congo, America. Where a woman remained pregnant for nine years due to one of her mistakes and when that child was taken out, it had become a stone.

Woman pregnant for nine years

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Weird Pregnancy: give birth to new life from your womb Woman The most beautiful moment of life happens. To live this feeling, the woman waits for nine months and during this time cherishes many dreams about her children. Usually the pregnancy period is of nine months, there are many cases where the children delivery seventh Or it happens in the eighth month itself. But what if a woman remains pregnant for nine years? You may find it strange to hear, but it is true and this medical case has surprised the whole world.

This strange case is of Congo. A woman living here became pregnant nine years ago, but in the seventh month she could not see any movement of the child… She thought that the child was to be miscarried but it did not happen. After this she contacted the doctor, after which the doctor told her that the development of her fetus had stopped and the child’s breathing had stopped. After this, the doctor prescribed some medicines and said that abortion should happen in a few days, otherwise come after two weeks and see.

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child turned into stone due to a mistake

When the woman reached her home from the doctor, people started taunting her. This torture became so much troubling with the woman that she decided that she would never undergo surgery for her child and almost nine years have passed since then. According to the report published in the English website Daily Mail, the woman died a few days ago. When the doctor saw this case, he was surprised. The fetus was still present in the woman’s stomach and now it had become completely stone and got stuck in her intestines. That’s why the woman could not digest whatever she used to eat… because of which the woman became a victim of malnutrition and due to this she died.

For your information, let us tell you that in medical language it is called Lithopedian. Its first case came in France in 1582 and till now such cases have come up 290 times in the whole world. Doctors say that in this situation, there is not enough supply of blood to the child and its development stops.

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