Sutak of lunar eclipse throughout the day on Tuesday, do not offer water to the Sun, do not worship

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Kolkata: The last lunar eclipse of the year is happening on Tuesday, November 8. A total lunar eclipse will be visible in the cities of the east of India and a partial lunar eclipse in the rest of the cities. The eclipse will start at 2.38 in the afternoon and from 4.23 in the evening, the eclipse will be visible along with the moonrise in Itanagar. The eclipse will end at 6.19 pm. After 6.19 pm, the shadow lunar eclipse will start which will last till 7.26 pm. There is no religious belief of shadow eclipse. Due to the eclipse, some special things have to be kept in mind for auspicious works related to Dev Diwali and Kartik Purnima.

In this news, know how and when to do lamp donation on Dev Deepawali, what precautions have to be taken on the day of eclipse, how to purify the house after lunar eclipse, what are the things to be kept in mind regarding food and drink…

  • Lunar eclipse will start at this time

The lunar eclipse will start in India at 2.38 pm. In the eastern part of the country Kolkata, Kohima, Patna, Puri, Ranchi, and nearby cities of Itanagar will see a total lunar eclipse and the rest of India will see a partial lunar eclipse. Where there is a total eclipse, the moon will appear red.

  • When will the Sutak of Lunar Eclipse take place?

The Sutak of the lunar eclipse will start at 5.38 am, nine hours before the eclipse begins.

  • When to do auspicious work related to Dev Deepawali and Kartik Purnima?

Kartik Purnima will start on the evening of 7th November at around 4:40 pm, which will continue till the evening of the next day i.e. 8th. Because of this, two days are Dev Deepawali. You can donate a lamp on the evening of 7th November. If you want to donate a lamp on November 8, then you will have to wait till the eclipse is over. After the eclipse ends at 6.19 pm, take a bath and then donate a lamp. Charity and charity can be done on both the days. If you want to do the story of Lord Satyanarayan, you can do it on 7th November.

  • How to make a lamp?

Usually Deepdan is done on the banks of the river. Some people also light a lamp and float it in the river. This is what is called a lamp. Before donating the lamp, one should worship the lamp and then keep it on the bank of the river. If you want to donate a lamp in the house, then light a lamp, worship it and keep it in the courtyard of the house.

  • How to see a lunar eclipse?

The lunar eclipse can be seen directly with the naked eye. If you want to see the eclipse more closely, then you can see it with telescope, binoculars.

  • Who should be careful during lunar eclipse?

People who are sick, elderly, young children and pregnant women should stay at home during the time of eclipse. These people can eat food, drink water according to their need. If a pregnant woman goes out at the time of eclipse, then there is a possibility of defects related to Moon-Sun and Rahu-Ketu in the horoscope of the unborn child. For this reason, in the scriptures, pregnant women have been advised to stay at home at the time of eclipse.

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