Sutak Period Takes Place Before Solar Eclipse, Know Its Effect In India On June 10!


On June 10, the second eclipse of the year 2021 and the first solar eclipse is going to happen. According to religious beliefs, auspicious work and worship are also prohibited during the eclipse. The doors of the temples are closed during the eclipse. However, this time the Sutak period will not be considered in India. According to astrologer and architect Dr Trilokinath, this solar eclipse in India is a partial solar eclipse. It is believed to be special only from astronomical point of view. Therefore, this time the Sutak period of solar eclipse will not be applicable in India. This solar eclipse will be effective in Antarctica, South America, Pacific Ocean region and South-West Africa etc.

Sutak period


According to the calendar, before the solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse, which is a fixed time is known as Sutak. The sutak period before the solar eclipse is considered for four prahars and during the lunar eclipse it is considered sutak for three prahars before the eclipse. There are eight prahars from sunrise to sunrise. In such a situation, 12 hours before solar eclipse and 9 hours before lunar eclipse is considered as Sutak period. According to the beliefs, the atmosphere of the earth gets polluted during the Sutak period. During this, care should be taken to avoid the inauspicious defects of the Sutak. Consumption of food items is prohibited during eclipse and sutak. Food for children, patients and the elderly is considered taboo for only one prahar.

These things are prohibited during the sutak and eclipse periods

While pregnant women are prohibited from going out during the eclipse period. It is believed that due to the ill-effects of Rahu and Ketu, the chances of child becoming physically disabled and miscarriage also increase. Cutting and sewing are also prohibited during this period. Massage of oil, taking water, immersion of stool-urine, brushing-datun and indulging in sexual activities are considered prohibited during the eclipse period. Clean and freshly prepared food should be eaten after the solar eclipse is over. On the other hand, the food items which are already kept should be protected from the ill effects of eclipse by putting Kush grass and Tulsi Dal before the eclipse. After the eclipse ends, giving donations and dakshina after taking bath etc. is considered auspicious.


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