Swaziland king marries every year, by choosing girl from topless parade


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These days African country Swaziland is in the discussions, and according to some media reports the kind of Swaziland orders if any man has married less than two women should be sent to the jail. However, Swaziland royal family has denied all these kind of reports but the interesting thing is that multiple marriages is valid here and even the king has 14 wives. Even the tradition of choosing wives is totally strange.

Swaziland is the last country of the world that has the monarchy system. The king of the country, Maswati – 3 has always been accused of living lavish life whether around 63 per cent of the population is poor in the country. The king himself has around 14 wives and around 25 children. Earlier the king has around 15 wives but last year he lost one wife.

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Swaziland Kingdom
According to media reports, 37 years old his wife Sentani Masango did suicide. Swaziland organizes Reed Dance ceremony every year and around 40 thousand virgin girls take part in this parade. The girls take part in this parade with an open chest and according to the tradition, every king has a right that he can choose one girl in the parade to get married. Many girls have raised a question in the last few years but their families have to pay fine for not allowing their daughters to take part in the parade.

Swaziland king wives
Let us tell you that Swaziland is situated in South Africa, a small landlocked kingdom in southern Africa, bounded by South Africa and Mozambique. Last year the king changed Swaziland name to kingdom of Istavning.

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