Sydney audience extremely bad, Indian team will not take indecency lightly: Ravichandran Ashwin


Sydney, Indian team off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has described the Sydney audience as Australia’s most vulgar audience. Ashwin said that whenever he played at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), he faced abusive behavior from the spectators at the stand, especially from the audience at Lower Tier.

The third Test match between India and Australia is being played on this ground.

Ashwin said on Sunday that he was surprised that officials at SCG let fans make racist remarks.

The Indian team also faced racial remarks on the fourth day of the third Test match released here. India also complained in this regard on the third day.

After the fourth day’s play was over, Ashwin said, “This is my fourth tour of Australia.” Especially here in Sydney we have experienced a lot before. I think the players have given their reaction once or twice before (Virat Kohli showed a middle finger on the SCG in 2012, due to which he was fined 50 per cent of the match fees.) It is not the player’s fault, The audience here talks poorly, especially those sitting in the Lower Tier. Those people are very vulgar.

He said, this time he went a step ahead and made racist remarks, we had lodged an official complaint against it yesterday. This cannot be tolerated in today’s era where our society has progressed a lot. Sometimes I think its root is in your upbringing. This should be strictly dealt with. We should ensure that this does not happen again.


Mohammad Siraj took up the matter before the umpires on Sunday. The security guards then sent six spectators out of the ground. After this, Cricket Australia issued a statement saying that it has a zero tolerance policy against racism.

Ashwin said, the umpires always said that as soon as such an action happens, we have to tell him immediately and then he will take action against it. I am surprised that a part of the audience is constantly doing this and they (security officials) did not catch and exclude those people. It is surprising. They should deal with it. Yes, disappointment is quite a short word for it.

He said, personally I think Adelaide and Melbourne were not so bad but as I said it is happening continuously in Sydney. I have also experienced this personally. These people become very vulgar. I don’t know why, what is the reason.

The off-spinner said that the current plantation of Indian cricketers will not take it lightly and Siraj also knows what to do.

He said, if I talk about myself, I came here for the first time in 2011-12. I did not know what a racist comment is and how you are made to feel small in front of many people. People laugh at you when you are abused. Other people will laugh at you. I did not know what happens. Whenever you are standing on the border, you try to stand 10 steps away.

He said, but as things happen and we have learned a lot from our more and more visits. This is definitely not a confessional thing. Siraj also took up this matter yesterday. Rahane, Rohit and I, we were all together and complained about it. Now players are more capable than before. The newcomers who are Siraj also know what to do and they cannot go beyond the line. This is a great thing. We are happy that those people were excluded.

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