Taiwan’s foreign minister said – India exposed China’s face


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There is an all-round attack on China, which threatens war. While India dominates China on LAC, Taiwan has also attacked Dragon. Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said in exclusive talks with Aaj Tak that China is using its economic clout and putting pressure on other countries.

Joseph Wu was questioned that on your national day China threatened the countries that were trying to celebrate. Indian media was asked not to cover, but we did not stop. On this, the Foreign Minister of Taiwan said that we have been facing these situations for decades. The situation is becoming more serious than before. China is using its economic clout and is putting pressure on other countries. India has exposed the face of China.

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He said that for us India is a big democracy, which is probably the largest democracy in the whole world, where the press has freedom. We are very happy to see that the Indian press did not come under Chinese pressure and celebrated National Day with us.
The reality is that Taiwan is a democratic country and shares the same values ​​as Indians and we are very happy that Indians are celebrating National Day with us.

Joseph Wu said that we want to work together with India. Working on the international stage can also be very important for Taiwan and India. We are excluded from many international forums, but Taiwan has full potential to contribute to international society.

Both India and Taiwan are at the end of the Chinese invasion. How should the world come together to stop such illegal claims? On this, he said that I think this is a very important issue for us. Taiwan is not the only country facing problems in this regard. See East China Sea. I am sure that Japan also has problems dealing with China. We have also seen the dispute on the India-China border. Like-minded countries will have to go ahead and think. We have traditional, good relations with Japan and America and we want to develop closer relations with India as well.

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