Tall buildings seen in Adipurush’s poster, people asked – such buildings used to exist in those days too


Visual reactions to Adipurusha trailer: Om Raut’s film Lone man It is in controversies even before its release. First there was a controversy regarding the looks of the characters in the film, then there trailer release After the release, controversy is being seen regarding its scenes. Ever since the trailer has been released, fans have been finding flaws in it. Now its shortcomings are being told by sharing the scenes of the trailer. A photo of Lord Hanuman flying in which buildings are visible is going viral.

Fans are surprised to see the trailer of Adipurush that how many tall buildings were built in that era of Ramayana. This thing is not being digested by the fans at all. In the trailer, when Lord Hanuman is flying, tall buildings are seen standing next to him. Which doesn’t seem logical according to those times. Fans are seen reacting on this.

fans are commenting like this

One person wrote – This is modern Ramayana. Another person wrote – Don’t know what junk he has made. Another person wrote – Copied the poster of Hollywood movie and forgot to edit. Another person said – The funniest thing about this aspect is that the budget of the film is 600 crores. One user jokingly wrote – This could be Ravana’s apartment.

The audience is waiting for the release of the film

Talking about the film, when its teaser was released, there was a lot of ruckus about the film. But all those aspects were not included in the trailer of the film, due to which there was a ruckus during the teaser release. Now the fans are just waiting for the release of the film. Actually, the fans believe that something is definitely being hidden in the trailer of this film, so that protests can be avoided. Now everyone is waiting for 16 June 2023 when the film will be released.

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