Teachers’ headaches increased; Attendance of students should be taken online

Ahmednagar News : Teachers in the state are already given more non-academic tasks than academic ones. So, while the teachers are doing these tasks, the students also have to do the daily teaching.

While doing all these works, many online works are also being done. In this, daily attendance of students will also be added through mobile app. So the teachers are frustrated with this new online work.

Currently, the new academic year of all the schools in the state has started. So now children are chirping in all the schools. Meanwhile, schools were closed for two consecutive years due to Corona, at that time classes were being conducted online. But this did not benefit all the students.

In rural areas, students often stay away from education due to lack of mobile network and other problems. Therefore, many students still cannot read and write.

Some teachers are trying to teach such students in their own way; But they are facing many problems. Teachers are engaged in various non-academic activities.

So their attention is more in other work than teaching. It is wrong to expect quality education at such a time. Even today many schools have only one teacher. In the school where there is only one teacher, the teachers are suffering a lot.

From taking care of the students to doing non-academic tasks, they are getting stuck. Even if they take a day off, the time comes for them to close the school.

As these works were less, now it has been ordered to resume the process of online smart attendance registration of attendance of class 1 to class 10 students in local self-government bodies, private aided and partially aided schools through mobile app SwiftChat.

Therefore, the teachers of the state will once again have to do the work of online attendance of students. As a result, the work of teachers will increase again. Because of this
Teachers are already bored with various non-academic work.

Online works are being given to the teachers without providing any kind of facilities. With the addition of another task, the role played by education organizations will be important.

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