ted bundy an american serial killer killed more then thirty girls in his life au585 | Obsession with pornography, hatred of gir


New Delhi: Whenever there is talk of serial killers of the world, the name of America’s dangerous serial killer Ted Bundy definitely comes. Bundy had made more than 30 women his victims. For his crimes, he was put to death by electrocution in the electric chair. Even after three decades of his death, the world has not forgotten him because the horrors of his killers were horrifying. A few days before he was sentenced to death, Ted Bundy gave his last interview, in which he told that his childhood and teenage obsession with pornography inspired him to commit crimes. He said that after every murder his hunger used to increase.

used to consider mother as sister

Notorious serial killer Bundy was born on 24 November 1946 in Vermont, USA. Bundy’s mother was Eleanor Louise Cowell. No one knew who Bundy’s father was except his mother. Bundy was raised by his mother’s parents. Bundy mistakenly believed his grandparents to be his parents. He considered his mother as his sister. After many years he came to know that his sister was his mother, whom he could not trust.

The series of murders started from 1974

Bundy hated his first girlfriend, Diane. Because of this hatred, he chose to kill white and black haired girls. On January 4, 1974, Karen Sparks, a student at the University of Washington, was found badly injured in an apartment she shared with friends. While she was sleeping, someone entered the apartment and raped her after hitting her on the head with a heavy metal. Although she did not die and remained unconscious for ten days in the hospital.

Ted Bundy

The police could not find any clue about the killer. Meanwhile, less than a month after Karen was attacked, another student, Linda Ann Healy, went missing. Linda lived with her friends and slept in the basement of the apartment. When the police removed the pillow from the bed, the police found a blood-soaked gown. The door to Linda’s room was open from outside. After this, the police came to the conclusion that Linda was not only missing, but also a murder.

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Girls started going missing constantly

The next month, 19-year-old Donna Manser left her home to attend a concert at Evergreen State College, but she went missing. Over the next few months, several girls went missing and were murdered. All the dead and missing girls had many things in common. Most of them were college students and all were in the age group of 17 to 22 years. All the girls had long and black hair. It seemed that there was only one culprit who killed everyone. He roamed the Washington University and Oregon campuses at night to commit the crime. He used a Volkswagen Beetle car to commit these crimes.

Used to kidnap at night

Many women who survived Bind’s attack told about him. Most of the girls were kidnapped at night. He used to go to the girls and ask them for help. After this he used to forcefully push them into the car. His confidence kept increasing after every murder. Along with this, the time between the murders also started decreasing. Bind has now started targeting girls below the age of 17. He used to patrol in daylight before hunting at night. Posing as a policeman, he approached many girls and continued the crime.

Police arrested in 1975

At 10 a.m. on August 16, 1975, Police Sergeant Bob Hayward was patrolling an area outside Salt Lake when he spotted a suspicious looking car. As soon as Bundy was seen by the police, he fled with the car. The police chased him and caught him near a gas station.

When the police asked him the reason for running away, he said that he had forgotten the way home and was in a hurry. When the police searched the car on suspicion, they found many things like masks, tools like hammers, torches, gloves, handcuffs, plastic rope, bags in it. After this the police caught him. The police found nothing in Bundy’s house.

On October 2, 1975, a girl named Carol identified Bundy without hesitation. However, Bundy was released on $15,000 bail. In the investigation, the police also came to know that Bundy was visiting the area on the day the girls went missing. As proof of the same, fuel bills were also found in the car. After being arrested, Bundy also escaped from jail twice. After this, in the confession after the arrest, Bundy confessed to killing the girls.

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