Tension among the students, I hit the phone in the helpline to take a drop


After the statement of the angry leaders, the state president’s jaw-dropping reply, the party cannot do as I say

After the assembly election results, the uproar continues among some leaders in the Congress party. He is not running in the party. Then the party is still weakening in decision making power. Congress leaders, MLAs and former MLAs still believe so. The Congress’s uproar over the death of Patan MLA Kirit Patel and former MLA Lalit Vasoya has come to the fore once again.

Gujarat Congress president Jagdish Thakor said in a statement that some friends of the Congress have a habit of talking to the media. Such friends are requested to meet face to face and talk about the problem. You should not just put your own words on the public platform and take it public. In addition to this, Patan MLA Kirit Patel, while responding to the issue, said that a video made by you talking about voting for Kirit Patel in the assembly and talking about voting for BJP in the Lok Sabha has gone viral. If disciplinary action is taken on this issue, our leader is said to be targeted. Disciplinary Committee constituted will convene a meeting and decide on pending cases. It is my personal opinion that it should not be allowed that a small worker is harmed and a big leader harms the party as he sees fit. I have brought this to the attention of the High Command and sought guidance.

In addition, Jagdish Thakor said that some leaders and former MLAs believe that there is no problem in doing what I say, giving tickets to them, setting up with others. It is not right for anyone else to speak about me. This should not be done now. It is to be noted that, some leaders in the Congress are having stomach ache and pounding their head. So, for some reason, they are trying to create small and big controversy in the party. Assembly elections Due to the internal strife of the Congress, the Congress has been reduced to only 17 seats in the Assembly today. Still some senior leaders want to take party decisions of their own accord and are working to harm the party for their own personal interests.

Congress MLA from Patan, Kirit Patel, said that this issue arose from the assembly, the spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party said that there are two parts in the Congress. Some MLAs are upset, in which I said that some Congress MLAs are upset. The upset is because the party does not take any decision quickly. I also gave my example. No action is taken against the person who has acted against the party. Unless there is discipline in the party and swift action is taken, the party cannot be strong, those who have worked against the party should be removed. There was talk of how to strengthen the party in the Lok Sabha elections. We are not going to any BJP. Our concern is to strengthen discipline and discipline in the Congress Party. Former MLA Lalit Vasoya was cold after Jagdish Thakor’s speech and Lalit Vasoya, who reached Khodaldham, said that no MLA or former MLA of the party is upset. Our talk is part of bringing the voice of the younger workers of Pati to the party. The party remains disciplined, an immediate decision is expected. There are efforts to strengthen the organization of the party in the coming days. We are also going to meet the party high command in the coming days. A meeting with the senior leaders of the former MLA party has been organized in a couple of days. Whatever we talk about, we will do it on a sting, we are going to strengthen the party, there is no talk of rebellion.

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