The accident happened during the wedding, women watching garlands fell from the balcony


The incident took place during a wedding ceremony in Gaya. A crowd of women thronged the balcony to see the garland. Meanwhile, suddenly the canopy fell down. 12 women were injured in this accident.

The video of the accident has surfaced. Where the bride and groom are seen on the stage. Both were about to defeat each other. Meanwhile, more people gathered in the balcony of the adjacent house than the capacity, due to which the balcony of the house under construction fell down.

The matter pertains to Fatehpur village of Imamganj block of the district. Where this incident took place during the marriage on 21 May. The women injured in the accident are being treated in private and government hospitals.

It is being told that the balcony of the house under construction was already inclined. Being overweight on the wedding night, she could not stand for long and fell down. The video of the balcony falling is going viral on social media.

Regarding the viral video, the people of village Fatehpur say that a procession had come to the house of Nanu Yadav of Manyama village of Sirpur panchayat of Imamganj block. The ceremony of Varmala was going on. Meanwhile, the balcony of the roof suddenly fell. After the accident, there was chaos on the spot.

Razia Devi received serious injuries on her leg and hand, while Suman Kumari and Khushbu Kumari received serious injuries on their hands in the accident. Others received minor injuries. There was chaos during the incident. The marriage ceremony stopped after the accident.

All were admitted to the hospital with the help of relatives and villagers. The wedding rituals resumed after all the injured were reported to be out of danger.

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