The auspicious steps of the cow mother at the site of the Shivlinga installation in Srijinagar, Halavad


About Rs. The Shivalaya will be renovated at a cost of 30 lakhs

The land of Halvad city belongs to saints and knights. Also, the atmosphere in the parish is filled with devotion through religious activities. However, in the modern age such evidence is occasionally found. In which the faith of the people is strengthened. Then one such case is going to be renovated at Srijinagar village of Halavad taluka at a cost of around 30 lakhs. And there was also surprise among the people who came and stood chanting at the place where the foundation is to be dug and the place where the Shivlinga is to be installed. Although the excavation of the foundation of Siddhanath Mahadev temple under renovation in Srijinagar village has not yet started, but the villagers were surprised by the auspicious step at the place where the cow mother is to establish the Shivling.
(Photo: Chatur Thakor)

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