The beauty of the nurse made people ‘injured’, says ‘I will break your bones for you too’. Cute Nurse V


Cute Nurse: A nurse has ‘injured’ people so much with her beauty that people are willing to come to the hospital deliberately breaking their bones for her. The nurse herself has shared this thing with the people on her social media account.

People in awe of the beauty of the nurse, say- ‘Ready to break bones for you’

Image Credit source: TikTok/@valerieeecastro

It is said that ‘Doctors are God’, but nurses also contribute in curing patients. Because hospital If anyone takes care of the patients the most, it is the nurse. Not only this, patients also like to take care of him. Perhaps this is the reason why patients get well soon. an American Nurse Has something similar to say, which is currently making people crazy on social media with its beauty. Alam is that people have even started saying that if you are their nurse, they are even ready to break their bones.

Here we are talking about Valerie Castro, a nurse from Houston, Texas, who recently shared a video of herself with her Tiktok account @valerieeecastro, which has gone viral. Valerie says that she is so cute that patients are not ready to leave the hospital after seeing her. According to him, the job of the nurses is to take care of the patients. But if they are efficient in work as well as beautiful, then the patient’s health will be cured even more quickly.

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People died on the beauty of the nurse


Valerie Castro is from Houston, USA Image Source: TikTok/@valerieeecastro

If Valerie is to be believed, people on social media are so crazy about her beauty that people go so far as to say that they are ready to deliberately break bones for her. The nurse told in the video, ‘I have kept a mobile phone set under my table. In this, I keep on doing make-up by looking at my face in between. Along with this, I also groom my hair.


Valerie said- I am so cute, seeing me the patients are not ready to leave the hospital Image Source: TikTok/@valerieeecastro

Now seeing this video clip, the netizens are in awe of the cuteness and beauty of the nurse. The woman says she always wants to be the ‘lovely nurse’. On which many users say that she does not need to worry about it, because she is very cute anyway. At the same time, a user has written, if I come to know that you are going to take care of me, then I will deliberately break my legs. Most of the users say that Valerie Aap is not only cute but also very beautiful.

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