The biggest investor asked Google to lay off 1.5 lakh ‘overpaid’ employees


Google’s parent company Alphabet recently announced layoffs of 12,000 employees, which is 6% of its total workforce. However, Google’s investors are not satisfied even with so many layoffs at once. Google’s largest investor Christopher Hahn of British Hedge Fund has asked the company to lay off 1.5 lakh employees. According to Christopher, these employees are ‘overpaid’ employees of Google. That’s why he has written a letter to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, advising them to lay off 20% of the employees. The letter he wrote to Pichai on January 20 has gone viral on social media.

Google needs to cut workforce by 20%: Christopher

According to the letter sent to Christopher Pichai, Google has doubled the number of employees in the last five years. The management of the company needs to reduce at least one and a half lakh employees from itself, so that the number of employees of the company can reach the level of the last months of 2021. For this, it is necessary to lay off 20 percent of the employees.

Christopher Hahn invests $490 billion in Alphabet

Christopher Hone founded the London-based hedge fund Children’s Investment Fund Management in 2003. His net worth has been estimated at $7.9 billion (about Rs 645 crore). He has invested a total of $ 6 billion (about Rs 490 billion) in Alphabet Company. Last year, he came into the limelight after announcing a daily salary of 1.5 million euros for himself.

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