The bride imposed the rate of lifting the veil on the honeymoon, the groom’s whistle went missing. moradabad bride Demand


Weird Demand by Bride: You must have heard about many types of quarrels till date regarding the fight between husband and wife. But these days the matter that has come to the fore from Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh has surprised everyone because here the bride showed her face to the groom but asked for such a thing that the groom’s heart was upset.

Unique demand of Moradabad’s bride

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Bride Demand in Suhaagrat: There is a tradition of giving different types of gifts to the new bride on the wedding day. where the former as omens Neg Means give money. But now the trend of giving different types of gifts has also increased. Apart from this, many times the bride consent Asks for a gift from. But many times, taking advantage of this ritual, the bride demands something like this. Knowing which the groom and his family members are known to be surprised. A similar case has come to the fore these days from Moradabad in UP.

After marriage, you must have heard many stories about the quarrel between husband and wife, but what if on the very first night of marriage, there is a quarrel between the wife and the wife over money. The case pertains to the police station of Dilari police station area of ​​Moradabad district. Here a person got married with pomp only last week, but on the very first day of marriage, there was a tussle between the two and the matter reached the panchayat. It is being told that everything was going on as normal, all the rituals were completed and the bride reached her in-laws house with her groom.

asked for this thing from the groom

Here the ceremony of showing the face of the bride and groom was to take place before the honeymoon, in which the bride demanded ₹ 20,000 from her groom. On which the groom put seven thousand rupees in front of her. Seeing whom the bride got very angry and refused to take it. The minor argument between the two reached the Panchayat. According to media reports, when the bride came to her maternal home for a pug round, she told the whole thing to her family members.

After this, the girl’s family members and the groom tried hard to convince the girl, but the bride remained adamant and the matter reached the panchayat. Where both of them were listened to satisfactorily. Here both the sides were heard carefully. After this, the panchayat gave its decision in favor of the groom and the bride agreed to live with the groom in a compromise.

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