The days of confusion about baby’s food are over, follow these few tips

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Every morning your first tension is what your child will eat for the whole day today, but the day has come to get rid of that tension. Because even if you think that it is right to force-feed the baby, even then he is not getting complete nutrition. So leave the tension and try to know the reason behind it. Why is the child reluctant to eat? Are you not cooking her favorite food or busy eating things like chips or cake at mealtime?

Ask yourself all these questions and try to find a solution to the problem. While doing so, force the child Milk Do not drink According to the Child Feeding Guide, this method of yours can harm the health of , Let us find out what is force feeding and how it harms babies.

What is Force Feeding?
When parents try to force feed or overfeed babies, it adversely affects the digestive system. Not only this, their interest towards food also decreases.

side effects of forcibly feeding a baby

lack of interest in food
If you try to feed the baby more than he is hungry, he loses interest in food. Not only this, negative feelings towards food are also embedded in the mind of the child.

digestive problems
When a child is forced to eat, it can adversely affect their digestive system. When babies forcefully eat food, they do not chew, they swallow directly. Due to which the digestive system is not able to work properly. Doing this continuously can cause digestive problems in the baby.

If you are blackmailing or trying to feed a child with a full stomach, then let us tell you that overeating can lead to obesity in children and they can become obese.

gas problem-
Forcibly feeding the baby can also cause gas problems.

Vomiting –
Mothers who force-feed their children. Their children often vomit a lot. They eat unnecessarily and then vomit and throw it all together. In such a situation, first of all identify the test of the child. It is not necessary that all children like bread and vegetables, some like fruits. In such a situation, keeping the taste of your baby in mind, prepare food for him.

For you
Tips- Never give a lot of food to the child in one go. Feed little by little. Only then will the digestion power increase.
While preparing food, keep in mind the preferences of the children. Only then will you see that children finish their food without forcing them to eat.


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