The dead body of the wife was lying in front of the debris for 48 hours, the earthquake also took away two daughters. turkey ea


The work of evacuating people from the debris is still going on in Turkey. Meanwhile, many such pictures are coming out, which are very touching. One such photo has come to the fore, in which a husband can be seen trapped near his wife in the debris. He was pulled out of the wreckage after 48 hours.

Turkey and destroyers arrived in Syria on Monday Earthquake The pictures and videos that are coming out since then are very touching. Somewhere newborn children are trapped in the debris and somewhere small children are being pulled out from the debris after hours. Another picture has come to the fore, in which it can be seen that after 48 hours a person debris extracted from. He was stuck with his dead wife for so long.

This picture is of Hatay City in Turkey. The man is trapped in the rubble with his wife’s body. The name of the person is Abdullim Muaini. Muyini was later pulled out of the dilapidated building along with the bodies of his wife and two daughters. After this he was treated. Such pictures are also coming out from Turkey, in which it can be seen that the dead bodies are piling up. The cities have been turned into debris. Debris is visible all around, and many lives are trapped in that debris.

People are also happy after coming out alive in the debris. On the other hand, when someone sees the dead body of a loved one from the debris, his face falls off and he breaks down completely. There is a picture, in which it can be seen that 16-year-old Mahmood Salman, who was trapped in the debris, was pulled out of the debris after 56 hours. Rescuers pulled out a 3-year-old boy, Arif Kan, from under the rubble of a collapsed building in Kahramanmaras. The boy’s father, Ertugrul Kisi, had already been rescued from the rubble by rescue workers. Rescuers pulled 10-year-old Betul Edis from the rubble of his home in the city of Adiyaman. Amid thunderous applause, her grandfather kissed her and spoke to her lovingly. After this he was taken by ambulance.

The death toll in Turkey and Syria has crossed 11,000. There have been more than 9000 deaths in Turkey alone. After the devastating earthquake, relief and rescue teams are busy day and night in search of people buried under the debris of thousands of buildings. On Wednesday, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited an affected area in Kahramanmaras. He said that we will not leave any of our citizens on the road. Out of 8.5 crore people, 1.3 crore people have been affected. Emergency has been declared in 10 provinces. Rescue teams from more than 24 countries of the world are helping in the relief operation. There are about 60,000 aid workers in the earthquake-affected areas.

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