The entire football world is emotional after watching the video of the face-to-face between My-Leka, watch the video


Lionel Messi hugging his mother: The world was watching the final match between Argentina and France. (Argentina vs France FIFA Final 2022) The final match of FIFA 2022 was an eye-opener. In a thrilling encounter, Argentina won the penalty shootout. (Argentina winner FIFA final 2022) From street to Delhi, Messi’s dream of making Argentina win is being cheered. Similarly, the video of him hugging Messi’s mother has gone viral on social media.

The video shows Lionel Messi’s mother running onto the field after Argentina’s victory. As Messi was walking ahead, she came from behind. Messi saw who it was and then seeing his mother, both of them hugged each other tightly. Messi’s mother was looking very emotional at that time. Netizens also got emotional after watching the video of my daughter suffering from throat pain.

Final Match-
Messi scored a penalty in the 23rd minute of the match against Argentina. Di Maria scored the second goal in the 36th minute. Argentina took the lead in the first half. The match was completely in favor of Argentina. Embappe of France scored the first goal in the 80th minute and the second goal in the 81st minute after getting a penalty at the end of the second half.

The match ended in a 2–2 draw after 90 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of extra time. Messi once again showed his magic and scored in the 108th minute. took the lead in the match. Everyone was disappointed as the match was almost won by France, but Mbappé scored the third goal and the match went to a penalty shootout. Argentina won 4–2 in the penalty shootout.


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