The first wife returned to Muzaffarnagar after 11 years, then showed the way out to the second, now she is demanding a share!


Morna. Eleven years ago, after the wife left home, the husband remarried. Now after the sudden return of the first wife, the husband threw the second wife out of the house and she was assaulted. Expressing equal rights over her husband’s property, the victim has appealed to the police for justice.

Koli, a resident of Jindawala village of Bhopa police station area, gave a complaint and told that she is the mother of two children. Her husband had passed away. After this she had married a village resident. Her husband’s relationship with the first wife was severed from the social level.

The first wife had gone away with the children and got married somewhere. Now she is back home again after 11 years with two children. Now her husband is throwing Koli out of the house. When her husband went to jail in a criminal case, Koli took care of the farming.

She told her husband that if he wanted to throw her out of the house, he should distribute half the property. On the afternoon of March 22, the husband and his nephew assaulted her and drove out 15-year-old daughter Tanu and 21-year-old Chhoti from the house and the accused threatened to cut her with a sword. The victim has appealed to the police for protection, demanding a share in her husband’s property.

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