The future of the child will be improved with only Rs 150, invest in this scheme of LIC today itself


Every parent is worried about the future of their child. By saving just Rs 100, you can make your child’s future bright. For this you can invest in this scheme of LIC. Every parent is worried about the future of the child. In such cases, right after birth, parents start saving little money to spend on further studies after school and college to secure their future.

At the same time, it takes years to save a huge amount for them, but if you invest in a good plan then it can be very easy for you. By saving Rs 150 a day, you can shape your child’s future. Yes, LIC Jeevan Tarun policy is brought just for you. Let’s talk about it:

Under this policy of LIC, you can save Rs 54,000 a year by saving just Rs 150 a day. This amount can be deposited as premium for LIC’s Jeevan Tarun policy.

What should be the age of the child, how long is the investment: To invest in this policy, the age of your child should be minimum three months and maximum 12 years. However, the premiums are paid in the policy till the child reaches the age of 20 years. Furthermore, when the child turns 25, the policy gets all the benefits.

What should be the sum assured: Under LIC’s Jeevan Tarun policy, the minimum sum assured should be Rs 75,0 there is no maximum limit. For a child above 12 years of age, the policy term is 13 years. In this, the minimum sum insured should be Rs 5 lakh.

What will be the total amount invested: After a premium of Rs 54,000 in one year, after eight years an investment of Rs 4,32,000 gives a total return of Rs 8,44,500. The total amount includes 2,47,000 bonus and 97,000 loyalty bonus.

How to pay premium: Premium can be paid on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly basis.

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