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10 poachers nabbed from Tamil Nadu along with carcasses of 14 dolphins, 2 sharks and 1 whale, joint operation of forest department and SOG

Gujarat Mirror, Rajkot, dated 16
A gang that hunted illegal dolphins, sharks and whales in the sea of ​​Porbandar was arrested. This gang has captured the dead bodies of 14 dolphins, 2 sharks and 1 whale fish. When hunting of these dolphins, sharks and whales, which are sold at the cost of crores to the Gulf countries, was banned in India, this poaching gang from Tamil Nadu came to Porbandar sea by boat and hunted dolphins, sharks and whales. Based on this information, the Porbandar Forest Department and the Porbandar SOG carried out a secret operation and captured this poaching gang.
Based on the information that the gang was moving in the sea to hunt dolphins, sharks and whales found in the sea of ​​Porbandar, the forest department conducted an operation to catch this gang with the help of SOG. SOG’s PSI Hasmukh Dhandalia and his team along with the forest department nabbed 10 members of a gang poaching illegal fish. The carcasses of 14 dolphins, 2 sharks, and a whale fish were recovered from this poacher. It has been revealed that 10 members of the arrested gang hail from Assam and Tamil Nadu. Among the arrested persons are Orissa Mayadar Manadhar Raut (age 37), Kerala’s Giltus Ebez Pushpakdi (age 62), Nihal Samsudin Kunnasery (age 26), Assam’s Sun Suman Javalal Basu Mathuri (age 31), Tamil Nadu’s Seven Surless (age 45). ), Ranjit Govind Bori (age 28) of Assam, Rajkumar Tanisharaj (age 52) of Tamil Nadu, Anthony Barla (age 50), Pillai (age 47) of Asan Mariyar were arrested.
The gang had been active in the sea off Porbandar for the past several days and was hunting dolphins, sharks and whales to supply these rare fish to the Gulf countries. The forest department and SOG have launched a joint inquiry into poaching gangs. Based on which this international network is likely to be exposed. The poachers had already poached 14 dolphins, 2 sharks and 1 whale fish and were caught by the forest department and SOG before they could poach more. Tolfin, which is considered rare in the marine ecosystem, is found in Saarashtra’s sea coast. When dolphins and sharks and whale fish are abundant in the marine areas including Porbandar, Somnath and the government has banned the hunting of these marine creatures, this hunting gang made a plan to hunt these marine creatures easily in the Sabarkantha area of ​​Saurashtra and hunted 18 marine creatures. It is to be mentioned here that this gang is said to have hunted sharks, whales and dolphins earlier. Inquiries may reveal shocking details.

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