The government sitting on the chair of power spoiled the budget due to inflation: Congress District President


Shamli. A meeting of the office bearers of the District Congress Committee was organized in the town Gadhipukhta. During this, District President Deepak Saini nominated Asif Khan, a resident of Gadipukhta, as the city president.

District President Deepak Saini said that the government sitting on the chair of power has spoiled the budget due to inflation. In which farmers, traders, laborers are troubled. The government is not fulfilling the promises made to the public. Today the condition of India has become very bad.

BJP can do anything to stay in power. Arvind Jhanjot, Nadeem, Arif, Aamir Khan, Sohanlal Kashyap, Shokeen, Jisat, Shahrukh, Fatma, Karma Kashyap, Bhagmal Kashyap, Vinod Saini, Pratap Bhagat etc were present on this occasion.

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