The groom is hiding in the neighbor’s house on the first night: If you know the reason, you will fall laughing guaranteed!


The bridegroom hiding in the neighbor’s house on the first night: Every newly married couple eagerly waits for the honeymoon night. But here is a bridegroom who goes to a neighbor’s house and hides while his bride waits for him. The bride and her family are shocked to know this.

Yes, Uttar Pradesh A local newspaper reported one such strange incident. Recently a news published in a newspaper went viral on social media. On his first night the bridegroom goes and hides in a neighbor’s house. The reason for this is his shy nature.

According to a local newspaper, ‘A groom has suddenly disappeared from his house on the very first night. Worried about the whereabouts of the groom, the relatives kept searching for the whole night. But he was hiding in a neighbor’s house.”

“Then the next morning when he switched on his mobile phone, his family members contacted him. When asked why he did it, he said, ‘I was ashamed’. Apart from this, he said that he does not have the courage to return home at night.

groom honeymoon But why he ran away remains a mystery. It is not known whether he is actually in hiding. However, it is suspected that some people have photoshopped the pages of this magazine for memes. Still, this news going viral on social media is being considered as a comedy.

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