The lack of this one vitamin is causing tingling in the hands and feet, so do this work soon

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Many times, after sitting for a long time, tingling starts by holding hands or feet, this tingling is called ant walking, it seems as if small ants or insects are walking in the veins but do you know? Why does this happen? Actually this tingling is due to lack of vitamin, there are many other reasons besides the lack of this vitamin and we tell you about how it can be overcome.


One of the causes of tingling in hands and feet is the lack of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant. Some things can be included in your diet to meet the deficiency of Vitamin E, which can be in the form of rays and dirt spread in the air.


The lack of vitamin E in the body is a big reason for tingling in the hands and feet, some things can be easily eaten everyday to meet its deficiency, when the body will get enough vitamin E, then this problem will end. Vitamin E is found in quantity, it can be eaten as a snack, along with this, keep the body in full health and especially almonds are good for the brain.


Vitamin E is also found in sunflower oil, you can replenish vitamin E by eating things made in it, eating avocado can also be said for vitamin E, apart from this, you can also take vitamin E supplements, apart from this vitamin E. D deficiency can cause tingling in hands, even in diabetic patients, problems are seen, auto immune diseases also cause tingling, if a vein is pulled then tingling arises.

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