The leopard came to pacify the tiger’s area, the angry tiger did this work…see VIDEO | Tiger and leopard came face


Shocking Wildlife Video: A shocking video has surfaced on social media. Where a leopard and a tiger come face to face. But what happened after that was surprising.

shocking viral video

Image Credit source: Twitter/@susantananda3

If you want to see the dreaded animals, then there can be no better option than Jungle Safari. animals When the videos related to come on the internet, they become viral indiscriminately. Especially if when the videos of Big-Cats come on the Internet, people not only watch them but fiercely share them with each other. one of a kind Video has come to the fore these days. After seeing which you will also be surprised.

Usually it is seen that big-cats do not fight with each other, but when it comes to tiger, here the case is reversed because it is a little cautious about its territory and cannot tolerate anyone’s movement. Now watch this clip itself where Tiger-Leopard clash with each other. Seeing this, it seems that here the leopard made the mistake of entering the tiger’s territory and the tiger got angry due to his impertinence, but hardly anyone expected what happened in the end.

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In the video, you can see that the tiger is sitting on the ground lazily, during this time his eyes fall on the leopard that jumped down from the tree. On the audacity of the leopard, he runs to him but does not attack. Seeing Tiger as normal, he tries to make him slow on the ground and he lies down on the ground while Tiger starts circling around him and the video ends.

This video has been shared by ‘Indian Forest Service’ (IFS) officer Sushanta Nanda. With which he wrote, ‘ It is very rare when these two hunters come together like this … Why do you think both retreated without attacking each other? Till the time of writing this news, more than 66 thousand people have watched this video and their reactions are being given by commenting on it.

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