The lines on your forehead tell how old you will be


On the basis of Forehead Line, the age of any person can be ascertained to a great extent. For this, special attention should be paid to the condition, shape, color and smoothness of any person’s forehead. Auspicious frontal increases age by 25 percent in each line and inauspicious frontal reduces age by the same percentage.

A person who has 2 full lines on his forehead can be around 60 years old. If this line is very clear, then such a person earns a lot of money and name in his life.

If there are 3 auspicious lines on the normal forehead, then such a person attains the age of about 75 years. Their life is happy.

If there are 5 perfect lines on the normal forehead, then the age of such a person can be up to 100 years. They get all the pleasures of life.

If there are more than 5 lines on the advanced forehead, then the person’s age is medium, if the forehead is of low grade, then the person is short-lived.

If there is no line on the forehead, then such a person has to face many problems in the age of 25 to 40 years.

If any 2 lines of the forehead touch each other, then the age of such a person can be around 60 years.

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