The one who was fed with love, was scratched by him…Rescue pitbull became death for the woman. pit bull dog attack and ki


Pit Bull Killed Woman: The pitbull which was rescued by the woman, lovingly named it Chowki, lovingly raising it, feeding it, died there. He hacked the woman to death and also ate her flesh.

Pitbull mauled woman to death

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Pit Bull Killed Woman: Keeping a dog has become a fashion for people these days. Look at whose house, one or the other pet dog is always visible. Even then it is very less in the villages, but its trend is at its peak in the cities. Well everyone has their own choice. Any Pitt Bull If someone likes to nurture labrador then either german shepherd, It is generally seen that people keep their pet dogs like their children, love them and in return the dogs also treat them in the same way, but sometimes their aggressive form is also seen and their owner But they also vent their aggression. Nowadays one such case is in discussion, knowing about which people’s soul has trembled.

Actually, an elderly woman had rescued a pitbull a few days ago. He lovingly named her Chowki. She was raising him with great love, used to feed him too, but later the same dog became death for him. He hacked the woman to death. The woman has been identified as 67-year-old Anne Shields.

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The case is of Britain. According to the report of Daily Mail, the woman was alone in her house when Pitbull attacked her. He badly scratched the woman’s hand and head. In such a situation, the woman died. The daughter of the deceased woman told that Anne did not want to keep that pitbull with her, but she was told by the local animal shelters that the shelters are not empty yet. In such a situation, Anne thought that she would keep the dog with her until she found someone to support her, but little did she know that this decision of hers would prove fatal for her.

According to reports, when the dog attacked Anne, she was screaming and crying, but by the time the police came to save her, it was too late. Pitbull was eating by scratching his body. In such a situation, the policemen shot Pitbull to save Anne. After this, Anne was hurriedly taken to the hospital, but she died a day later.

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