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The groom arrived on a bullock cart to pick up his bride
People said that it is a good thing to follow the tradition
Peacock soil peacock self respect * . Narayanpur: Amidst the glare of modernity, here the Patra family has set an example by following the traditions in their marriage. When the bridegroom went out on a bullock cart to pick up his bride in Budhwari Bazarpara, everyone started looking at him. People appreciated this procession which came out in indigenous style. People flocked to see the procession coming from this bullock cart. People were surprised to see the bullock cart procession in the digital age. People say that this is a good way to save their ancient tradition. Despite being financially capable, the bridegroom took his procession in a bullock cart to save his traditions, which was discussed throughout the city, people say that after several decades, this type of procession in a bullock cart is being seen in the district headquarters. . The groom said that he has reached his house from Budhwari Bazar in Kumharpara bullock cart with his procession to pick up his bride.

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