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FD interest rate hike: After SBI HDFC gives good news of interest rate hike Indian Railways: AI module calculates various facts on train routes and suggests more ticket combinations. This reduces the waiting list by 5 to 6 percent. Indian Railways, engaged in improving its services, has now found a way to give more number of confirmed tickets with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Railways Artificial Intelligence module develops ‘ideal train profile’ Developed by the Center for Railway Information Systems (CRIS), the in-house software arm of the Railways, the module has been able to reduce the waiting list by 5 to 6 per cent. With the successful completion of the trial of the module, railway officials expect that while it can provide more confirmed tickets to passengers, it can increase the revenue of long-distance trains by up to Rs 10 million in a year.

Every year lakhs of people travel by train in India. However, due to the high number of passengers, not all passengers get confirmed tickets. Railway officials also believe that a large number of users turn away from the railways just because they do not get confirmed tickets. Because of this, passengers traveling long distances are turning to airlines and opting for buses for short distance travel. This has increased the concern of the Railways. To keep passengers with them, they have now used artificial intelligence to issue more confirmed tickets. According to a report, waiting list is a system that is always there.

A waiting list is formed when the demand for passengers exceeds the number of berths or seats in a train. To reduce the waiting list, the Center for Railway Information Systems (CRIS), the in-house software arm of the Railways, has created an AI module called ‘Ideal Train Profile’. In this, the information of about 200 long distance trains including Rajdhani was fed. The AI ​​detected several travel patterns during the test. For example, how passengers booked tickets, how far away stations were chosen and which stations had low or high demand for tickets. It also looked at what part of the travel period, which seats were vacant and at what time of the year the demand for seats was high.

Number of ticket combinations will increase: Testing of Adarsh ​​Train Profile module revealed that the module has increased the number of confirmed tickets by 5 to 6 per cent. The module worked out possible ticket combinations by dividing the journey into number of stops and knowing the behavior of passengers. If a long distance train has 60 stops, the AI ​​predicts 1800 possible ticket combinations. In general, the railway’s current system can only assign 240 ticket combinations for a 10-stop journey.

10 million profit per year from AI: Another official of Rail Bhawan said that AI can generate an additional revenue of Rs 1 crore per train for the Railways every year. This is because it increases the number of confirmed tickets. This increases passengers. The more we update the AI ​​over time, the more accurate it will be.

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