The second wave of Corona made it difficult, These 10 things will save your life


The second wave of Corona virus has increased people’s problems. More than one lakh cases of corona are being registered daily in India. In such a situation, health authorities are advising people to take precautions. Let us tell you some special things, keeping in mind that you can protect yourself from the new strain of the virus.

1. Staying at home, if you are ordering food from outside, then it will not be free from danger for you. Pay for such orders online. Avoid cash transactions and wear gloves properly before taking orders. ‘

2. After touching any scream, wash hands thoroughly with soap or sanitizer. Stay in separate rooms when symptoms of corona virus appear. Do not let other members of the household come in contact with your clothes or utensils.

3. If you are staying at home wearing a mask, then keep in mind that it should be disinfected. In the event of a bad mask, burn it instead of throwing it away or bury it in the ground.

4. If a member of the household is hit by the corona virus, then children, elderly and pregnant women are more at risk. Therefore, keep a certain distance from the patient.


5. There should be toilet facilities in your room and keep in mind that no outsiders are allowed to enter the room. Second, after touching the handle of the toilet or the doors of the house, sanitize it well.

6. If any member or outsider of the house is coming to your room, then keep a fixed distance of at least 1 to 3 meters from it. Talk to the front person wearing a face mask.

7. While at home, wear a mask at all times. Wear gloves in hands before touching any surface. Wash hands thoroughly with soap after removing gloves

8. You are much safer at a clean place in the house, but if you are seeing symptoms of Corona virus, then immediately contact the government helpline number or any nearest hospital.

9. Use social networks more and more to contact other people or give a specific message. Wash hands thoroughly with soap after coughing or sneezing.

10. After using things like phone, remote or keys, also sanitize them. Use things like tooth picks or matchsticks to press lift or electric switches.


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