The Secret to Getting a Job at Apple! CEO himself told – 4 quality is important, 3C and 1E


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If you have a 3C and an E quality, then only you will get a job in Apple. Apple CEO Tim Cook himself has told about this. Know what is this?

4 qualities needed for a job at Apple, CEO Tim Cook revealed (file photo)

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Do you want a job at Apple? If yes, then you must read this news. The company’s CEO Tim Cook himself has made a big disclosure for you. What he has told will make it easier for you to get a job in Apple. Apple CEO Tim Cook told during a university commentary ceremony that the company looks for 4 essential qualities in a candidate – 3C and one E. Tim also explained what it is? You should also know the answer to this question because without it Job in Apple It is impossible to fulfill the dream of.

Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook went to the commencement ceremony of a university in Italy. There he gave the keys to millions of people around the world to get a job in his dream company Apple. Know what he said?

3C, 1E necessary for job in Apple

Tim Cook told graduating students that he believes that the success of the company depends on two things. First thing- what is the culture of that company? Second thing- Whom does the company hire? During this, Tim Cook told that Apple looks for four skills in its employees – 3C and one EE.

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  • Here 3C means- Collaborate, Creativity and Curiosity. Whereas E means – Expertise. He said that Apple prepares its products with the combined efforts of everyone. For this the ability to cooperate and work together is very important.
  • He said that Apple looks for people who think differently. Those who see a problem in front, do not think that how it has been solved till now. Try to find a different way. Have a different approach.
  • Regarding curiosity, Cook said that it is a cliche, but no question is stupid. It’s a good thing if someone asks questions like a child.

Obviously Apple is a company where everyone dreams of working. Millions of people also try for this. At present, more than 1.50 lakh people work in Apple. However, like other IT companies in the past, Apple has also reduced the hiring. Some have lost their jobs.

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