The teacher snatched the mobile and the angry student set the school on fire, 20 died, 10 including the girl student were injure


14 year old girl set fire to schoolImage credit source: twitter

Guyana: in the world super powerdeveloped and nuclear powered A surprising case has come to light from a school in Guyana. The incident that happened this time has proved to be more dangerous than the frequent police shootings in the schools there. Why did a teacher snatch a mobile from a girl? A 14-year-old student set the school on fire. So far 20 people have been killed in this incident. At the same time, the condition of many is serious, who are being treated in the hospital.

The accused student herself has also got burnt. He is undergoing treatment in the hospital. According to the report of Daily Mail, the incident is from the South American country of Guyana. According to the developments, a sudden fire broke out in the girls’ hostel of Mahdia Secondary School located here on Monday night. The fire that broke out in the hostel under suspicious circumstances during the night engulfed the part of the school as well. The fire was so fierce that no one could understand anything, till then many people came in its grip.

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20 people died due to scorching

Fire engines reached the spot as soon as the information was received, but the fire had spread uncontrollably. By the time the fire was extinguished, it was learned that 20 people had died due to scorching fire. The incident took place in Central Guyana Mining Town, located about 200 miles from Guyana’s capital Georgetown. Police arrested a 14-year-old girl from the spot. Including 10 injured people were taken to the hospital for immediate treatment and admitted.

After interrogating the accused student, it was proved that the student was also angry with the school administration. According to the information, the teacher had snatched the mobile phone because the girl was in contact with an old man through phone. On which the teacher and the school objected and took her mobile phone from the girl and confiscated it.

The condition of 9 people remains critical

Guyana’s National Security Advisor Gerald Gouveia spoke to local media, saying that the accused 14-year-old girl had threatened to carry out such an incident even before setting the fire. Even after this, but the school administration has failed to stop the incident by being vigilant. Because of which 20 innocent people lost their lives. Apart from the girl, the condition of the other 9 people who got burnt in the fire is still critical.

All are undergoing treatment in the hospital. Statements will be taken after their recovery from treatment, while in this hour of trouble, America itself has offered to help Guyana in this case. Which America should have done as a human being and a powerful neighboring country.

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