The tension of going to the RTO office is over, now the work related to RTO will be done sitting at home, the government has done 58 services online

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The tension of going to RTO office is over, now you will be sitting at home for work related to RTO, government has done 58 services for online driving license or vehicle registration related works, now you will not have to make rounds of RTO or regional transport office. The government has now made 58 services related to RTO online. That is, you will be able to get facilities like learner’s license, copy of driving license and renewal while sitting at home. The government has taken this step so that the precious time of the people can be saved as much as possible. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued a notification regarding this. Services can be availed through Aadhaar verification, although it has been said by the ministry that Aadhaar verification will be voluntary.

RTO office jaane ki tention khatm

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued SO 4353(E) on 16 September, in which the services done online have been mentioned. The ministry has made 58 services related to RTO online. The Transport Ministry says that by making these services online, the rush of people in the RTO office will be reduced and valuable time of citizens will be saved. The ministry has said that these are such services which can be easily done from home as they will not include requirements like driving a vehicle. After all, which services have become online, its list is being given here-

These services will now be available online

  • Applying for Learner’s License and Duplicate Learner’s License
  • To make any change in address, name, photo in Learner’s License
  • Application for duplicate driving license
  • Change in name, address in driving license
  • Application for temporary registration of vehicle
  • Application for provisional registration of motor vehicle
  • permit related services
  • duplicate fitness certificate

Why services done online, what is the benefit?

  • It has been said by the Ministry of Transport that citizens will get many benefits by making services online, as well as speeding up government work. Here are the advantages-
  • – Work will be done faster in government office
  • – No need to visit RTO office
  • – Saves precious time and money
  • – Lifestyle of people will be more easy
  • – Will get rid of long queues in RTO office
  • – Many hours of work can be completed in minutes
  • – Work will be done in a contactless or faceless manner, safety will remain in epidemic-like situation
  • – The need for personal meeting will be eliminated.

RTO By making the related services online, people will not only save time, apart from this, the efficiency of the employees working in the transport office will also be seen. So now you can do those work related to RTO office sitting at home in minutes in which there is no need to show the vehicle.

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