The woman got her husband killed by teaching her lover how to operate a pistol, both arrested


Ghaziabad. On March 3, police had received information about the suicide of a person in Ghaziabad’s Nandgram area. The police, after investigation, revealed that the man had not committed suicide, but had been murdered. The police have arrested the deceased’s wife and her lover in this case.

According to the police, the woman had got her husband murdered by her lover. After that the police was told a false story of his suicide. Kapil Kumar (42) was a resident of Falavada town of Meerut. He was currently living on rent in Kundan Rawat’s house in Ghaziabad’s Nandgram E-block with his family. He used to drive a pickup vehicle. On March 3, the police got information that Kapil had committed suicide by shooting himself in the temple.

In this case, the family had complained against the landlord for abetment to suicide. It was alleged that Kapil was unable to pay the rent of the house due to financial constraints. He was under tension about this, due to which he shot himself and committed suicide.

ACP Alok Dubey said, the post-mortem of the dead body was done. It was found that the bullet entered the temple from the left side and crossed on the right side. While Kapil was the ride hander. That is, if Kapil had committed suicide, the bullet would have entered from the right side and crossed from the left side. In this way, the police found this suicide suspicious and further investigation was started. Police investigation revealed that the deceased’s wife Shivani alias Seema (37) along with her boyfriend Ankush Prajapati (33) had executed the murder. The police took both of them into custody. When strictly interrogated, both accepted their crime.

Ankush told that he runs a mobile repairing shop near Kapil’s house. Shivani alias Seema often used to come here for mobile recharge. Shivani told that her husband drinks a lot of alcohol and beats her a lot, does not even give money for the expenses. A conversation started between Ankush and Shivani regarding this matter and a love affair ensued. After this both made a plan to remove Kapil from the way. It was Shivani who told her boyfriend that her husband keeps a pistol at home. Not only this, it was Shivani who taught her boyfriend how to use a pistol.

On the night of March 2, Shivani mixed drugs in milk and put her husband to sleep. After this, Shivani called boyfriend Ankush at home. Ankush kills Kapil by shooting him in the temple while he is sleeping and then goes to his home. The next morning, Shivani told everyone the story of her husband’s suicide. Police said that while recovering the pistol used in the incident, both the accused are being sent to jail.

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