The woman thought of such a name for the child to be born, people turned red on hearing it. Woman Says I Love My To Be Newborn


Unique Baby Names: A fashion designer is going to be a mother soon. He has also started thinking of the name of his future child. But as soon as the woman shared the list of names with people on social media, people turned red with shame after reading one of them.

The woman thought of such a name for the child, people blushed with shame on hearing it (symbolic picture)

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Newborn Names: The first identity of any person is by his name. Therefore, every parent child naming Do it with a lot of thought. However, in today’s era people have started thinking very creatively. They want to name their child unique. But sometimes things go wrong in the affair of Anokhe. The mother-to-be also thought of a different name for her child. But when the woman introduced people to the list of those names, everyone turned red with shame on hearing one name.

According to the report of kidspot, fashion designer Allie is going to be a mother soon. He told that he struggled a lot regarding the naming of his child. He shortlisted a few names. Then reduced it to four. But even after this she was confused as to which of those four names to finalize. After this, when Ellie shared this thing with the people on Tiktok, everyone turned red with shame after reading a name. People believed that the name Augie, which Ellie has thought of for her child, seems to be a word related to ‘sex’.

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Ellie first debuted in her TikTok videos with the French name Rou, which was inspired by Hollywood actor Johnny Depp’s character in the film ‘Chocolate’. After this she said, but I like the name Augie very much and I will call my child by this name. However, the way Ellie pronounced the name, people thought she was saying Orgy. Because, the auto caption on Tiktok also wrote it as Orgy. After this many people started giving different suggestions.

One user wrote, I played the clip three times to see if I heard wrong. But I think this name is a bit strange. At the same time, the other has written, Oh God! The whole life will be mocked for the name of the child. Another has written, it would be better Ellie that you teach the child to pronounce her name in the womb itself. At the same time, some people also said that they liked the name.

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