The women of this place are the most beautiful, they become mothers even in middle age, know what is the reason for this


Amazing Facts: Generally, with age, people start visiting hospitals and the dosage of medicines becomes part of the routine. The effect of age starts appearing on people’s face to fitness. Some people start calling themselves elders and some people around. but, Do you know that there is a tribe in the Kashmir Valley whose average age 120 Years pass and life remains young. Women 60 You can become pregnant even at the age of one year. Not only this, these women are considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.

We are talking about Hunza caste of Kashmir Valley. Doctor. J Milton Hoffman has done a research on the age and routine of this tribe. He wrote a book on this Secrets of the World’s Healthiest and Oldest Living PeopleI have also written It explains the lifespan of this species and how it has remained healthy for so long. The people of this tribe hardly consume medicines and stay away from diseases.

The above two paragraphs must be surprising you. but, You look at their food habits and lifestyle. If the people of this place feel hungry then walnuts, Eat figs and apricots. When thirsty, they drink river water. If there is a mild disease, then they treat it with the herbs growing nearby. If you want to go somewhere, you walk for miles. It is said that people here do not even know much about medicines., Because they don’t need it at all.

Bathing in cold water in sub-zero temperatures

Dr. Robert McCarrison Publication Studies in Deficiency Diseaseand after Journal of the American Medical AssociationAn article was published on this tribe. It said that the people here bathe in cold water with a temperature less than zero. Their lifestyle consists of eating less and walking more. Wakes up early in the morning and walks miles. It was told that the beauty of their lifestyle, It is the secret of long life and good health.

Descendants of Alexander

It is said that the people of Hunza tribe consider Sikandar as their descendant. Another good thing is the climate here, which keeps the inner and outer wellness fresh. There is neither smoke of vehicles nor polluted water here. Stay safe from diseases till death.

people live here

Explain that the Hunza tribe resides on the Indo-Pakistan border on the mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. according to estimates, their population 87 Around a thousand.

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