The young man became a monster! The python’s head was cut off and separated, the police were also shocked to see it. Man


Very shocking news has come out from Florida, America. During an argument with a woman, the young man became so enraged that he bit off the head of the woman’s pet python.

Man turned into a monster! The python’s head was cut off and separated, the police were also shocked to see

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Man Bites Off Python Head: There was a ruckus between the young man and the woman over something. The matter increased so much that the young man got angry and attacked the pet python of the woman. then like a beast Python’s head cut apart, Meanwhile, someone informed the police over phone. After reaching the spot, the police also got scared after seeing the scene in front. After this he was arrested.

This shocking case is from Florida, USA. The accused youth has been identified as 22-year-old Kevin Justin Meroga. According to the police, Kevin had a fight with a woman living in the apartment over some issue. However, what kind of relationship is there between these two, this thing has not been disclosed.

The police had to struggle a lot to control Kevin. According to the report, when the police reached the spot to nab Kevin, he locked the door from inside. Earlier, the young man had pushed the woman and made her fall. It was the woman who pointed out to the police that she was hiding inside the house. The police asked Kevin to come out, but he did not agree. After this the police were forced to use taser guns.

Even the police got scared after seeing the inside view.

According to media reports, when the police investigated the flat, they found a beheaded python. The woman says that Kevin bit off the head of her pet python. Kevin was arrested on charges of animal cruelty, taking a woman hostage and resisting police.

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Let us tell you that in August 2021, a similar case also came to light from Odisha in India. Then a 45-year-old man was bitten by a snake. The snake had died in the man’s attack.

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