The young man did such a dangerous stunt with the car, people were stunned to see the video, watch the viral video of the stunt


Video of a dangerous stunt on the internet viral You will be stunned to see what is happening. In this video, a car can be seen running at a high speed on a person. Although nothing happens to that person during this time. He is seen drinking water from the bottle. But when people saw this video, their heartbeat increased. All the users said that people can even die in such stunts. Videos related to stunts are going viral on social media, but this video is very shocking because if there was any mistake of the driver then the condition of the water drinkers could have worsened or even an accident could have happened.

This video of the dangerous stunt was shared by Twitter handle @_BestVideos on December 11, which is now being shared on different social media platforms. This 08 second clip has got more than 12 lakh views and more than 42 thousand likes till the news is written. Also, hundreds of users have given their feedback on this. One person wrote – That’s why men don’t live as long as women. Another user wrote that if there was even a slight mistake, the person’s head would have been crushed.

In this viral clip, we can see a man sitting on a dirt road. Seeing the speeding car, he opened the bottle and started drinking water. Meanwhile, a car passed over him. The person sits comfortably in his place. Actually, the seat on which the person is sitting is a kind of speed breaker, which jumps in the air as soon as the cars come near. Although at first it seems that the car will hit the man, his confidence tells him that this is not going to happen. But if there was a slight mistake, then this astonishing stunt could have turned into a ‘killer stunt’.

Such stunts should not be done because precious life should not be put at risk for few views or likes. Then we will also advise that doing such stunts can be dangerous to life and can also lead to accidents. By the way, many videos related to stunts are becoming viral on social media, in which people are doing different types of stunts on the bike, sometimes many people get injured during these stunts.

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