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Eggs Benefits: This song ‘Sande Ho Ya Mande Roz Khao Anda’ is very famous and old too, but even today people praise it. The song fits perfectly on the topic of consuming eggs as there are many benefits of eating eggs. Boiled eggs are full of nutrition. These are very beneficial for health, skin and hair, but excessive consumption of anything can prove to be dangerous. That’s why eggs should be consumed in limited quantity. Let us tell you what are the benefits of eating eggs.

Increases Good Cholesterol

People who have high level of good cholesterol, they have less risk of heart-related diseases. According to a study, if you consume 2 boiled eggs for 6 weeks, it will increase the level of good cholesterol in the body. Could

Does not raise cholesterol in most people

It is true that eggs naturally contain cholesterol, but this does not mean that consuming them will increase blood cholesterol. Cholesterol level does not increase in 70 percent people by eating eggs, while there are only 30 percent people in whom bad cholesterol can increase due to its consumption.

essential for eyes

It is rich in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin-A is found in plenty in it, which is beneficial for the eyes. Eggs can be included in food to increase eyesight.

immunity booster

Antioxidants, proteins and many vitamins are found in plenty in it. Which can help in strengthening the immunity.

strengthens bones

Eggs are rich in Vitamin D. It can prove to be a superfood for keeping bones healthy.

beneficial for the brain

Choline is found in eggs which is helpful for the brain. It can help in increasing the memory power. That’s why it is said that eating eggs daily makes the mind sharp.

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