There are more than 19,000 apps on Google Play insecure, extremely private information can be public


You download any app from Google Play Store with the assurance that it is completely safe. Also, you completely trust the security standards of the Google app. There are many such apps on the Google Play Store which are not completely secure. This can put your safety at risk. You may have to give many such permissions for these apps. There are malicious or flawed apps on the platform, which can be dangerous.

Digital security company Avast has described more than 19,000 such apps as unsafe and dangerous which are present on Google Play Store. Using this type of app can make your very personal information public. Along with this, the security of your phone can also be in danger. The 19300 app has been described as dangerous, which can put your security at total risk.

Giving information in this regard, Avast has said that Firebase is a device using which Android developers can store user data. This can include your name, your full address and many personal information. In this regard, Avast has also informed Google so that it can be improved.


Most of the errors are in some kind of app

Most of the apps related to lifestyle, gaming, food delivery and email have been found faulty. App users’ data is public. This is a case of data breach. Can use Firebase while developing applications.

Do not download any app without checking. Read people’s comments at the bottom of the app. There will also be information about how safe the app is, how beneficial it is. Avoid any kind of greed and untrue claims while downloading the app. After downloading the app, take special care of what things you are allowing.


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