There Are Thousands Of Benefits Of Rose, Apply Like This, Your Skin Will Shine!


Rose does not need any introduction. It is also called the king of flowers. Its pleasing fragrance and enchanting beauty are pleasing to everyone. Along with beauty, it is also full of medicinal properties, which is helpful in protecting our health. Vitamin A, B, C, D and E are found in abundance in its fruit (Rose hip). Apart from flowers, rose water is also very beneficial. It is beneficial in cold, vata, bile sedative, heart diseases. You can also benefit by knowing about its medicinal properties.

beneficial for eyes

Those who work on the computer for a long time every day, putting two drops of rose water in their irritated and tired eyes gives great relief.
Beneficial for teeth and gums

Chewing its tender leaves is beneficial in case of bad breath, sore throat. On the other hand, chewing its flower is very beneficial for diseases like tooth decay, bleeding gums, and pus.

Takes care of hair too

For hair care, wash the hair once or twice a week by mixing only rose water or a little alum water with it. At the same time, its oil is very beneficial to remove the painful causes of menstrual diseases of women.

aids in infection prevention


Its oil should be applied for quick healing of wounds and to prevent infection. Massage of its oil is beneficial when there is swelling in the body. To get relief from muscle pain, the petals of its flower should be boiled and drunk.

Benefit from skin diseases

Applying alum mixed with rose water is beneficial in many skin diseases like nail, acne, ringworm, scabies etc.

aids in digestion

For digestive problems, taking five drops of rose flower juice, fennel juice, mint juice mixed with water after meals is beneficial. Eating Gulkand made from its flowers after meals is also helpful in correcting digestion.

Gets enough relief from headache

In case of headache, mixing white sandalwood powder, a little camphor and rose water on the forehead provides relief. If there is pain of migraine, mix a little naudara in four spoons of rose water and put it in a glass bottle with tight lid, shake it a lot, put two drops in the nose 2-3 times a day and smell it, it will be beneficial.


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