There is a mysterious pool located in Jharkhand whose secret even scientists have failed to solve, water comes up here by clappi


This world created by God is still full of such mysteries, about which it is not possible to find information. Scientists are investigating some of these many mysteries but have failed to solve these mysteries. Today we are going to tell you about such a mysterious pool. You will be surprised to know about this Kund. One such secret is also in this pond. It is said about this kund that by clapping in front of it, the water starts rising automatically. Not only this, there are many other things related to the Kund that you will be surprised to know.

Even scientists could not solve its mystery

Let us tell you that the name of this kund is ‘Dalahi Kund’, located 27 km from Bokaro city of Jharkhand. It is said that if you clap in front of the pool, then its water will start rising automatically. It looks as if water is boiling in a vessel. Many times scientists have tried to solve this mystery, but did not get success. Because of this miracle, people come from far and wide to see this kund. Dalahi Kund is one of the famous ponds in India. Every year a big fair is organized here on the day of Makar Sankranti. This kund is the place of worship of Dalhi Gosai deity.

Water temperature varies according to season

One special thing about Dalahi Kund is that its water keeps on changing according to the season. This means that the water in the kund remains cool in summer and warm in winter. It is believed that skin diseases can be cured by bathing in the water of the pool. Geologists say that if skin diseases are cured by its water, it means that it contains sulfur and helium gas.

Don’t know where this water comes from?

Significantly, many researches have been done on this kund till now, but till now it is not known from where the water of this kund comes and where it goes. According to some researchers its water flows into the river Garga through a channel called Jamui. People’s faith is attached to this kund. People believe that bathing in it fulfills all wishes. That’s why people come from far and wide to bathe here. Its water is clean and full of medicinal properties.

Why water rises on clapping is also an unsolved mystery

The water here is very low. Due to being too low, sound waves are generated when clapping. Due to the vibration caused by the sound waves, the water rises upwards. Because of which the water starts rising upwards. Concrete walls have now been made around this pool. People living here still see this place with faith.

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