There is also a problem of diabetes in children, know here its symptoms and remedies to cure it


Today, diabetes is a very serious disease in young children, it is a very serious disease, it is a metabolic disorder that does not normally cause the decomposition of sugar (carbohydrate) in the body and its direct effect on the heart, veins, kidneys and neurological system. May cause diabetes, if it is not taken for a long time, it can affect the eyes as well.

Due to the problem of diabetes in children, today we are going to tell you its symptoms, so that you can identify it in time and start its treatment soon.

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If children have fatigue, headache, more thirst, more hunger, behavioral changes, abdominal pain, inexplicable weight loss, especially frequent urination at night, itching around sexual organs, then diabetes The symptoms of type 1 diabetes in children may increase rapidly within a few weeks.

Symptoms of type 2 diabetes gradually increase and in many cases insulin therapy is given to children for months or years, for which children are given insulin dose in the first year of diagnosis. Called the ‘honeymoon period’.

If your child is obese, then there is a higher risk of diabetes in him. For this, take special care of him. Due to a sedentary lifestyle, the body is unable to control insulin and blood pressure. Limit the intake of food and beverages containing sugar, balanced with vitamins and fiber. Consumption of nutritious food can reduce the possibility of type 2 diabetes.


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