There is no solution in the talks in Lucknow, in Muzaffarnagar DM has called a team from Noida-Delhi, arrangements have started


Lucknow / Muzaffarnagar – No solution has been found so far in the settlement talks between Uttar Pradesh’s Energy Minister Arvind Kumar Sharma and the leaders of the Electricity Employees Union, which have been going on for the last 2 hours, in the settlement talks, both the parties are adamant on their point. At present, there is no possibility of success of the settlement talks in the night, both the sides are adamant on their point of view and arguments are going on in both. Watch video-

Meanwhile, the Muzaffarnagar administration has put all its resources to restore the power and water supply in the city of Muzaffarnagar, with District Magistrate Arvind Mallappa Bangari, Chief Development Officer Sandeep Bhagia and Additional District Officer Narendra Bahadur Singh sitting at the powerhouses and trying to make the power system smooth. are doing

The District Magistrate told that to smoothen the electricity and water supply system of Muzaffarnagar, he has called several teams from Delhi and Noida, Noida teams have reached and Delhi teams are going to reach in a little while.

He told that the water supply system of the city will be made smooth in the next few hours, for which six more generators have also been ordered, there will be no water problem in any area of ​​the city in the next few hours.

Meanwhile, the fault that was at Bhopa Road 132 Power House has also been caught by the NPCL team from Noida, the work of repairing it is going on, in the next few hours the electricity system in the areas adjacent to this feeder is likely to be smooth. Is.

Gandhi Colony Housing Society President Pawan Chhabra, member Vivek Chugh and former member Pawan Arora told that generators have been arranged at all tubewells in Gandhi Colony and water system has been made smooth in Gandhi Colony and Dwarkapuri areas.

The District Magistrate said that the water supply would become normal in other areas of the city in a few hours and hoped

It is going that by tomorrow morning the power system will also be brought under control. He has requested the citizens to keep patience for a few more hours, they will not be allowed to be disturbed in any way.

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